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Dear Jubilites,

This Sunday will be a special Fathers' Day, as a prominent father in our JF congregation will be sharing a Bible Study based on John Chapter 10. Leonard Barela, one of our Minyan* who meets with Pastor Barry every Sunday morning at 9 AM, will continue our series on what God is looking for in a Good Shepherd. You will be blessed by Leonard's message, who is an instructor for his employer SoCal Edison.

*A Minyan = a group of Jewish men meeting together to help launch a new synagogue

Other Sunday notes . . .

1. A first. Our praise keyboard accompanist, Melissa Haugabook, will be leading us in the Apostles' Creed this morning. We're blessed to have Melissa behind the 88's. She majored in Music at Cal State Long Beach, but is multi-talented in other areas of the arts, as you will see in the days ahead.

2. A New Old Song. Our song list this Sunday includes "Hear O Israel", based on the Hebrew "Shemah" (Deut 6.4-5), sort of an Old Testament Apostles Creed calling us to worship the One God with single-minded devotion. A popular "call and response" chorus from the Jesus People era which was am big hit in the early days of Calvary Chapel. A classic congregational chorus which deserves a 21st Century Come-back.

Fathers' Sunday AM, June 17, 2018

1. 11:00 AM Pastor Barry w/Praise Team A Spirit-filled Song Service

Introit: Prince of Peace/He Knows My Name - E slow
Melissa H The Apostles' Creed: Melissa H.
"Come Boldly" Medley CD#6
Hear O Israel/I Will Exalt Your Name - E Slow ballad
There Is No Rock - A MF Rock

2 11:30 AM Pastor Jo USHERS: pass out offering envelops first. After receiving
offering, pass around clipboards. Bible Masters dismissal

3. 11:35 AM Leonard Barela Today's Message

4. 12:15pm Yolanda Marshall Benediction and dismissal; altar invitation

Worship Team Leader Pastor Barry
Procession none scheduled
Communion Officients none scheduled
Bass (and vocal) Pastor B
Rhythm Guitar Yolanda Marshall
Keyboard Melissa H
Soprano I Melissa H
Soprano II Yolanda Marshall
Alto Pastor Jo
USHERS: Paul and Josh B
OFFERING COUNTERS: Pat and Barbara (?)
GREETERS* Amaya and Lorraine (in foyer)
Meal HOSTESS (none this week)
Percussion Lenny G

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