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We've been experiencing record heat here in SoCal over the past few weeks.
The heat plus lack of rain has produced perfect conditions for the fires that have burnt away record-setting acreage, especially in NoCal. The Bible teaches us to ramp up our repentance and prayer when "the heavens are as brass." Most of us can quote 2 Chr 7.14 by heart . . . but how many of us know 2 Chr 7.13 by heart? "If I shut up the heavens so NO RAIN FALLS, OR IF I command locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among the people . . . if My people (Christians) who are called by My name shall humble themselves and pray . . . (etc)." In other words, when we Christians witness these kind of disasters, we should view them as "natural" disasters, but as SUPERNATURAL disasters, designed by God to grab our attention and to drop us to our knees.

We're reminded of the days right after the 9/11 Disaster. Churches were not only full on Sundays, but midweek prayer-meetings were packed. There was an atmosphere of repentance and revival in the air. But within the next 12 months, it seemed that the spiritual fervency had worn off, and it was back to "business as usual" in the USA. The midweek prayer-meetings faded away in most congregations. Fast-forward to Election Year 2016. Once again, American Christians dropped to their knees, asking the Lord to "heal our land" of a flood of illegal immigrants, 8 years of severe recession, racial divisiveness, legalization of pot and gay marriage, retreat from the world geopolitical stage, school shootings, disrespect of the nation's "sword-bearers (Rom 13.3-4)", skyrocketing taxes and national debt, to name a few national ills. Many churches conducted 40-days of prayer with fasting leading up to Election Day. We saw a ramped-up boldness from pastors and Christian leaders, like Franklin Graham, endorsing the candidate who would "make America great again" and "drain the swamp" in Washington DC. When Trump was elected, these Christian leaders hailed him as a latter-day Cyrus whom God would use to restore prosperity and wholeness to our land. Spring 2017 not only witnessed a return to a robust economy, but of precipitation, especially here on the West Coast. On I-15, we witnessed hundreds of cars parking on the side of the freeway to enjoy the beauty of the wild flowers, which had not bloomed in years. But, unfortunately, the brassy heavens have returned in 2018. No wild flowers blooming in the hills this Spring.

Now we face a critical Midterm Election this November. Many conservative commentators seem to have "In Trump We Trust" as their strategy for maintaining the economic boom. But has this return to prosperity lulled Christians into a prayer-less consumeristic complacency? It's time once again for us Christians to humble ourselves, repent of our complacency and seek God's face on behalf of our nation, until the Lord comes down and rains righteousness upon us (Hos 10.12).

To start our service, we invite everybody to come forward to "bring the sacrifice of praise into the house of the Lord (Jer 33.10-11)", followed by our Praise Team leading us in a new anthem, "Alpha and Omega". Paul Sanchez will then lead us in the worshipful reciting of the Apostles' Creed, followed by Pastor B leading us in Spirit-filled worship. Pastor Jo receives our morning offering and shares announcement, followed by Pastor B's message. We ask that Jeremy come forward to close our time together. The JF Minyan will huddle up front to pray for those desiring prayer or ministry.

Hot Sunday 08/12/2018

1. 10:55AM Minyan, Praise Team, Pastors Pre-Service Sacrifice of Praise

2. 11:00 AM Pastor B w/Praise Team A Spirit-filled Song Service

Introit New song: "Alpha and Omega" - G A*
Blessed Be the Name of the Lord - E Gospel rock
Sing Hallelujah to the Lord - Ami slow 2/2 folk-rock
The Lord Reigns - D Med Rock
Holiness/Take My Life - E slow ballad-rock

3. 11:35 AM Pastor Jo Welcome everybody to Jubilee. Announcements/offering
Excuse Bible Masters class; Intro Pastor B

4. 11:40 AM Pastor Barry Today's teaching.

5. 12:30 PM Jeremy Thornton Benediction & Dismissal. Altar ministry with Minyan

12:35 PM Pat Lynn Go to "After-Church Video" folder & play a video

Worship Team Leader Pastor B
Procession none
Communion Officients none
Bass (and vocal) Pastor B
Rhythm Guitar *Yolanda M (1st song only), Leonard Barela
Keyboard Melissa H
Soprano I Melissa H
Alto Yolanda Marshall
Tenor Pastor Jo
USHERS: Paul and Jeremy
GREETERS* Amaya and Lorraine (in foyer)
Meal HOSTESS (none this week)
Percussion Lenny G

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