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St. Patrick


Dear Jubilites,

St Patrick was an Englishman, who was kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery in Ireland. His owners made him a shepherd. But God gave Patrick a vision of a ship docked just off the Irish coast . . . not in a known port. He literally followed his vision and, sure enough, there was a ship just where his vision said it would be. He was allowed to board the ship which took him to Europe. Patrick had received Christ as a young boy; in Europe, he sensed a call to the ministry. After seminary training, he learned Latin and became ordained as a priest.

Ireland had never been evangelized, and Patrick's bishop wanted to send a team. So Patrick put together an apostolic team which not only included clerics, but farmers, fishermen, blacksmith, and other tradesmen. Patrick's vision wasn't limited to building a monastery; he wanted to build a Christian culture. He befriended Irish tribal rulers upon his arrival to Ireland and used his team to bless and build up their villages (Ireland literally had no cities back then).

Catholic missionaries were trained to teach new converts, so that they could learn Christianity by reading the Latin Vulgate Bible. But Patrick skipped that step, or delayed it, by teaching the Irish basic Christianity in their language, making use of symbols of everyday life. Best example: using the clover to teach the 3-in-One nature of the Trinity. By the end of his life, Patrick had defeated the dominance of the Druid religion and had christianized the Emerald Isle. He also sent forth church-planting missionaries to Scotland and England.

We celebrate Patrick, not so much because of ethnicity, but as a successful example of a New Testament apostle, 4 centuries after Jesus issued the Great Commission.

We begin our service with the Sacrifice of Praise at the front of the sanctuary, followed Jeremy Thornton leading us in the Apostles' Creed. Pastor B has a message laying out a plan for an "intimate invasion" of our neighborhood beginning next weekend, after he leads the song service . Pastor Jo will close our service, giving us instructions about the SpudFest.

St Patrick's Sunday March 18, 2018

1. 10:55AM JF Praise Team Acoustic Sacrifice of Praise

Pastor B & team "I Sing Praises/We Worship You" - G/C. Pre-serv worship
Spontaneous psalms, Hymns, Spiritual songs

2. 11:10AM Leonard Barela Greeting and leading us in the reciting of the Apostles'
Creed; intro JF Worship Team

3. 11:15AM Pastor Barry A Spirit-filled Song Service

You Are Crowned With Many Crowns - E Med Rock
Everlasting God (Strength will Rise) - A pulse rock
The Wonderful Cross - D Slow ballad-rock
Every Praise - G gospel-rock

4. 11:50 AM Pastor Jo USHERS: pass out offering envelops first. After receiving
offering, pass around clipboards. Bible Masters dismissal

5. 11:55AM Pastor B Todays Message

6. 12:30PM Pastor Jo Benediction, Dismissal, pray over spuds

Worship Team Leader Pastor B
Procession none
Communion Officients none
Bass (and vocal) Pastor B
Rhythm Guitar Hector Vidal
Keyboard Melissa H
Soprano I Melissa H
Soprano II Yolanda Marshall
Alto Pastor Jo
USHERS: Paul and Jeremy
GREETERS* Amaya and Lorraine (in foyer)
Meal HOSTESS (none this week)
Percussion Lenny G

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